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Prison Walls Fall Down

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Lyrics - Prison Walls Fall Down - Pal Sheldon

Wish i could step inside your life and change it,
take that chain from off your neck and break it
I'd set you free, in a moment, not waste it
and see your prison walls fall down.

Cause every night I've been praying
and every day I live is filled up with waiting
for all the promises I know God's making
to see your prison walls fall down.

Walk free my friend
There's no need for fear now,
There's only love
There's only love

Gonna take your hand and hold it
cover up the past with roses
forget about the time that's been stolen
When your prison walls fall down

Download the lyric and chords to the song on a pdf here,


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The second last song on Exit Wounds is Prison Walls Fall Down. In many ways it's a song of faith, a hymn if you like. The first verse references a film with Nicholas Cage in it where a dog is chained up outside his house. When I saw the film I really identified the dog as a metaphore for some of the characters in the film. The film is about abuse and culminates in some horrific scenes where in the end the innocents in the film win through.

This Song is also about PTSD, how it is a prison and how fear can paralyse the victim. The singer is calling out to the victim wishing he could free them from the problem. Again, like the previous song, it is a message of hope in a very dark place. 

The Recording

Written and recorded in Nashville, this song features the first recording I made with my good friend David Freeman on Mandolin. The arrangement is simple, and quite intimate. The bass was played by Mick Wordley when he was on a visit to Nashville from Australia. The Bass is a Maton Bindara and was recorded with a large condenser mic one evening as the last thing to go on the song.


Mick Wordley - Bindara Bass
David Freeman - Mandolin
Zelda Sheldon - Backing Vocals
Pal Sheldon - Vocals, Guitar


The Maton Bindara Bass

The Maton Bindara Bass