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Goodbye Beautiful Dream

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Lyrics - Goodbye Beautiful Dream - Pal Sheldon

You're never going to be the one
Never be the one I wake up to
and I'll never hold you in the middle of the night
as the rain splashes off the garage roof

And we'll never walk together
never walk together arm in arm
and I'll never look again into your hazel eyes
and see how pretty they shine, in the dark

So goodbye beautiful dream
I'll pack my hopes up, no more make believing
Goodbye beautiful dream

I guess you never read
never read the letters I sent
All those words of love, written on a page
may as well have been said to the wind

So goodbye beautiful dream
I'll pack my hopes up, no more make believing
Goodbye beautiful dream
Should have left you years ago




Download the lyric and chords to the song on a pdf here,


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Goodbye beautiful dream appears third on Exit Wounds. Its a song that is about remorse, memories and hopes unattained. The lyric centres around the idea of a repetition of the first line of each verse. Its a bit like stuttering or slowley coming out with the full story. The truth is hard to reveal so the singer takes a couple of goes at saying what he really means. The final choruses show his true feelings that he should have been over this a long time ago, and perhaps today is the marking of that truth being recognised and acted upon.

The Recording

Goodbye Beautiful dream started life as a demo, but as I listened, it became obviouse that the essence of the song was there. Its a live vocal and guitar bed with the backing vocals, percussion and Ukulele added after. There is also a small pad that appears in the second section that I really like. I also enjoy the way the mood changes in the last chorus as the song becomes hopeful and moves on down the road. The wistful piano sets the mood.


Zelda Sheldon - Backing Vocals, Ukulele
Pal Sheldon - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Pad


Here is the Guitar Part for Goodbye Beautiful Dream. Reach out if you have any questions.