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Invite us to your house

We don’t eat much…


House Concerts

Imagine all your friends around for the evening. There’s some food, drinks and good conversation. An hour into the gathering everybody takes their seats in the living room and for the next hour you and your guests are treated and entertained, experiencing the joy of live music right in your home. They’ll thank you for weeks to come.

Now it’s easy to host

Have you got 20 music loving friends, or friends of friends? For the show to work we will need a minimum of 20 people.

There is no cover charge, your guests can pay what they like at the end of the night as a donation, they can also purchase CDs and other memorabilia items.

All we ask is that you place a jar out front at the end of the show and let your guests know they can drop some money in if they feel the show was worth it. It’s that easy.


Yes, we would love to stay! But if its not possible we understand.

Lets organize one now

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